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Giant, Terrifying Bug Found By Man At Work (Photo)

Ready for your daily dose of creepy crawly things you hope you never come across in the real world?

An overnight UPS worker posted an image on reddit last night showing a huge, pincer-bearing bug he found during his shift.

How would you like to find this perched on a wall next to you?

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Savvy redditors quickly identified the bug as a male Corydalus cornutus, commonly known as the Eastern Dobsonfly.

Dobsonflies can reach up to five inches in length and often have wingspans over twice as wide as their length. Take a second to imagine what a fly with a nearly foot-wide wingspan would look like.

Not surprisingly, Dobsonflies are some of the top invertebrate predators in their environments.

“Flying nightmare," noted one person. "That’s what that is."

Reddit user daleto has another theory about what the enormous insect was doing in a UPS factory.

“It’s a fedex drone!” daleto wrote. Suddenly it all makes sense.

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