Man Finds Something In Domino's Chicken Pizza That Makes Him Want To Vomit (Photos)


Many people love pizza topped with chicken, but one man got more than he bargained for after ordering a Domino’s pizza — a chicken claw.

Andy Eckersall, 35, an IT director from Stockport in Greater Manchester, England, was eating a large Tandoori Hot pizza when he felt something hard lodge into his gum.

He pulled the object out of his mouth to discover an inch-long grisly black claw.

“I initially thought it was a burnt piece. It stuck into my gum,” Eckersall said. “When I pulled it out I saw it and it was this claw with gristle around the knuckle. I initially wanted to throw up. My wife was horrified. It was the last piece of that half of the pizza.”

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(Cavendish Press via Metro)

He adds: “It was not really solid because it had been baked. It could have hooked into someone’s throat. It could quite easily have been swallowed and got jammed.”

The customer then contacted the Heaton Chapel branch to make a complaint.

"Their immediate response was to say they were sorry and that they would send another pizza,” Eckersall said. “I said 'no I do not want another pizza.' At that point I was still in shock.”

The branch told him they would send a driver over to collect the bonus topping and the remaining uneaten pizza, MailOnline reports.

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(Cavendish Press via Metro)

But after the van failed to show and initially receiving no response to his complaint from the company, he took to Domino’s U.K. Facebook page to post a rant, which has since been deleted.

"The pizza arrived promptly, but whilst eating I experienced a sharp pain and found myself half choking whilst chewing a mouthful of pizza that had chicken tikka on it,” the post read. “I continued to pull a solid chunk out of my mouth and to my horror found I'd been chewing on a chicken claw!?!?”

According to Metro, Eckersall eventually received a refund, but has contacted Environmental Health about the incident.

A spokesman for Domino’s said in a statement: “The safety of our food is of upmost priority for Domino’s and we have strict processes and procedures in place for handling all ingredients and pizzas. We are currently working with the store to conduct a full and thorough investigation into this issue and ensure this is resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.”

Sources: NY Daily NewsMailOnlineMetro / Photo Credit: Cavendish Press


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