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Man Finds 'Angel,' Discovers It's A Sex Doll (Photo)

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Police confiscated an inflatable sex toy from an Indonesian family who thought it was an "angel."

In March 2016, a fisherman found a doll in the water near the Banggai islands in the Sulawesi province of Indonesia. As the toy had a human figure, the man took the doll back to his family, who attempted to take care of it as it started to deflate.

The doll, which was believed to be an “angel” that had fallen from the sky, was given a chair to sit in, in addition to a change of clothes and a new hijab to wear every day.

The figure had been discovered soon after a solar eclipse, a spiritual experience among the predominantly-Muslim country, as noted by Rappler. During the rare eclipse, numerous Indonesians went to mosques and special events were organized throughout the country. Various residents thought the two incidents were related, as the doll had been found a mere three days after the spiritual occurrence.

Local media outlets also believed the doll was a celestial being.

"This angel child also was found face down, crying and naked covered only [in] a white cloth," local new outlet Pojok Satu explained, as reported by the Telegraph.

Word spread of the angel throughout social media. Rumors stated that the doll was a “bidadari,” an angel or spirit, that had been “stranded,” which led law enforcement to the remote islands to investigate the situation.

"We were hearing many stories, such as that the 'fallen angel' was crying when she was discovered," police chief Heru Pramukarno told AFP, as recorded by The Straits Times.

However, authorities discovered that the figure was not quite as angelic as many believed.

"When our officers arrived they saw that the 'fallen angel' was just a doll, it was a sex toy," said Pramukarno.

A local resident told reporters that he believed the doll had been thrown off a boat, and that it wasn’t an angel that had fallen from the sky.

“They have no internet, they don’t know what a sex toy is,” Pramukarno explained.

Sources: The Telegraph, The Straits Times, Rappler, BBC News / Photo credit: Ihyan Nusi/Facebook

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