Man Finds Rusty Screw Inside His Can Of Soda (Video)


A man made a shocking discovery when he poured out a can of soda after hearing something rattling inside.

A now viral video shows the can of Izzle soda next to a bowl, and the man behind the camera explains that he heard something rattling inside and wanted to check it out.

“There’s something in the can,” says the man as he shakes the drink. “I’m gonna open it and see what it is.”

The man proceeds to open the can and pour it into the bowl, and as the drink comes out, a rusty bolt suddenly pushes out and plops into the liquid.

“It was…this screw,” says the shocked man. “It was inside of the can.”

There seems to be a recent increase in the number of shocking food discoveries that are being filmed and put up online. Earlier this month, a mom filmed herself cutting open her daughter’s Capri Sun pouch and discovering a large clump of mold inside. That’s not the first time someone has discovered mold inside the popular juice drink, and Kraft Foods has since tried to defend their product.

It will be hard for Izzle to defend finding a rusty screw inside their drink, however, and so far, they have not commented on the video. Check it out below.

Sources: The Blaze, Lightly Buzzed


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