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Man Discovers Rat Stuck In Wall Outlet (Video)

Footage has been published online showing a San Diego resident discovering a rat in an electrical outlet (video below).

The kangaroo rat’s head was all that was sticking out of the outlet cover when the man began his rescue efforts, Daily Mail reported.

In the video, we can see the man with a screwdriver, doing his best to loosen the cover and set the animal free.

“It’s your own fault isn’t it?” he is heard saying at one point as the rat squeaks, according to the Mail.

After the man has removed the outlet cover, it becomes clear that the rat is too large to fit through.

“He’s big, isn’t he?” a woman’s voice is heard saying.

The rat becomes increasingly and visibly frustrated, stamping its feet in a bid to get free. But this fails to work.

“Oh my gosh, poor little guy!” the woman says.

The video does not show whether the rat was released into the wild.

Although the video recently appeared on Youtube, The Blaze reported it was first uploaded to Facebook by Chris Dell’Acqua, who was responsible for freeing the animal three years ago.

Since then, the video has been shared about 100,000 times.

The kangaroo rat seen in the video is an endangered species. A petition submitted last year by residents of San Diego County to have the rodent removed from that list was denied by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

“In our 2010 finding, the Wildlife Service found that the species still faces numerous threats,” said spokeswoman Jane Hendron, according to City News Service. “Habitat fragmentation and degradation, predation, small population size and encroachment of non-native species are among the threats we identified.”

Sources: Daily Mail, The Blaze, City News Service via Times of San Diego / Photo credit: Daily Mail

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