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Man Finds Photo Of A Murdered Father After Balloon Lands In Yard

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A man in Tennessee was determined to reach out to a grieving family after finding a photo of a murdered father in his yard that had traveled 80 miles in a balloon.

The balloon was released by the family of Frankie Caratini, who was murdered in August of last year, WKRN reported. Inside the balloon was a photo of Caratini and his 6-year-old son, AJ. The boy’s mother, Ayesha Williams, said the balloon traveled “way further” than she thought it would.

“About right here. It came floating over the tree line there,” James Holt, of Mt. Juliet, Tennessee, told WKRN — pointing out the spot in his yard where he discovered the balloon.

The Caratini family released the balloon 80 miles away, along with dozens more, in honor of their father on his birthday.

“It landed on my yard, so I felt compelled to do something,” Holt said.

He took to Facebook, determined to figure out who was in the photo. The post quickly spread and caught the eye of Williams’ friend, who notified her that the photo had been found.

“This is my son and his father. His father was killed,” Williams wrote after reaching out to Holt. 

After learning of the family’s story, Holt wanted to help. He met with the Caratini family at a local county fair and treated them to a fun-filled day. 

“It gave me more faith,” Williams said. “It gave me a lot of faith. It let me know Frankie is still watching over us and letting me know we’ll be taken care of.”

Caratini’s murder is still unsolved, and his case remains open. 

Sources: WKRN, The Leaf-Chronicle

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