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Man Finds Pet Dog 42 Days After They Were In A Car Crash

After 42 days, a lost Australian shepherd finally returned to her home.

David Sowers and his girlfriend Laura Gillice were driving with their dog, Jade, through Yellowstone National Park when they were suddenly hit by another driver who had fallen asleep at the wheel, The Bozeman Daily Chronicle reported.

Sowers suffered multiple injuries and had to be flown from the crash site for treatment. After the crash, their dog’s crate was crushed. When rescuers tried to retrieve Jade, she ran off into the park.

Several days passed without a sign from Jade, until finally park officials began hearing reports of a dog that matched Jade’s description.

Against his doctor’s orders, Sowers decided to travel back to Yellowstone on four separate occasions in order to search for Jade. He created a Facebook page, posted flyers, and asked for help from park rangers. Sowers even recorded himself calling for Jade and used a bag of his dirty laundry as a trap, according to Lift Bump.

Finally, during his last trip to Yellowstone on Sept. 2, Sowers found Jade. She was discovered while Gillice was feeding their other dog Laila.

“I didn’t believe it at first, she’s skin and bones, but otherwise she seems perfectly fine,” Sowers told The Bozeman Daily Chronicle.

Sowers and Gillice noted that they were “elated” by the discovery. Sowers added that it will make his recovery easier knowing that Jade is safe and by his side.

Sources: Lift Bump, Bozeman Daily Chronicle

Photo Credit: Bozeman Daily Chronicle 


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