Man Finds Large Amount Of Cash In Box Of Bojangles' Chicken (Photos)


A man in Virginia was shocked to discover thousands of dollars in cash inside a box of Bojangles' chicken. 

James Minor, of Henrico County, Virginia, said the mix-up began after he ordered lunch at a local Bojangles' drive-thru and realized his chicken was cold.

“I sent it back to the person who was working the window and I asked them to get some fresh chicken,” Minor said. “And they told me to pull up in the drive-thru and fresh chicken would be out in six or seven minutes.”

Minor waited and eventually got a new box of food. When he opened it, however, there was no chicken to be found. 

“When I opened the box up, the BoJangles’ chicken box, there was probably close to $4500 dollars in cash and also SunTrust deposit slips,” he said.

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Shocked by what he’d come across, Minor began to worry that he’d been set up or that one of the restaurant’s employees was attempting to steal money. He quickly ran inside the restaurant and asked for the manager.

Much to Minor’s disbelief, the manager was less than appreciative of his kind gesture.

“Suppose I would have drove off or something?" Minor asked the manager. "What would have happened?" "He looked at me and he said, 'We would have called the authorities on you.' As if I'm the one who is in the wrong! I'm doing the right thing by bringing you the money back and probably helping save your job." 

Minor was ultimately offered a free meal and later a $100 gift certificate from the company’s corporate headquarters, though he said it wasn’t enough.

“I deserve respect, an apologetic letter from the Bojangles’ company and probably a cash reward,” he said. “What is a $100 dollar gift certificate when you’re bringing in $4500?”

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Bojangles' subsequently released a statement acknowledging the incident, and expressing their appreciation for Minor’s handling of the situation.

“The unfortunate mistake you've described did take place at our location on South Laburnum Avenue on July 15th at approximately 3:30 p.m.,” the statement, released to WBTV News, read. "Following a thorough investigation and conversations between our Director of Operations and Mr. Minor, we are reviewing some of our internal procedures to ensure something like this doesn't happen again. 

“We are, of course, very thankful to Mr. Minor for bringing the incident to our attention and returning the money to us.  To show our gratitude and great appreciation for his genuine act of kindness, we have offered Mr. Minor a $100 Bojangles' gift card."

Sources: WBTV, WTVR / Photo credit: WBTVWTVR


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