Man Finds Frog In Kale, Keeps It (Photo)

Illinois man Jesse Fox was surprised to find a living frog in his store-bought kale recently. He ultimately decided to keep the tiny green creature as a pet.

Fox was finishing off a bag of week-old greens when he noticed something moving in the leaves. Suddenly, a tiny frog jumped out, which had survived in the fridge for nearly one week.

“That’s why you wash your produce,” Fox said.

Fox noted that he’s not angry with Valli Produce, where he bought the kale. Instead, he’s happy to have found a pet.

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“I did not expect to get a pet when I went to the grocery store,” Fox said.

Fox and his wife have since decided to keep the frog and have affectionately named it “Kale”.

Managers at Valli Produce reported that they had never heard of frogs in their produce before.

Sources: NY Daily News, WIFR


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