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Man Finds Dead Rodent Inside "High Quality" Sausage (Video)

A man was horrified to discover a dead rodent inside a piece of sausage while he made himself a sandwich.

According to reports, 28-year-old Anatol Voronkov decided to make himself a sandwich, and once he was already halfway through the sausage he used for his sandwich, he was horrified to discover a dead mouse inside the “high quality meat product.”

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“I thought it was a pepper, but then I realized it was the foot of a rodent,” said Voronokov. “And worse, I then found the foot was attached to the rest of the animal in the middle of the sausage. I felt really sick but the only good thing was that I was the only one who ate it, and my wife and kids hadn't touched it. And although I felt sick, when I showed my wife she really was sick.”

Voronokov said he reported the finding to environmental health officials and is now calling for the factory where the sausage was made to be shut down.

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“I didn't want compensation, I want an inspection at the factory and I think it should be closed down if its standards are as poor as I suspect,” Voronokov said. “I bought the sausage from a good store because they promise a high-quality meat product.”

The rodent is currently being tested for diseases, and a spokesperson for the store where the sausage was purchased says that this has never happened before and that they are asking the factory for answers. The store reportedly gave Voronokov a full discount because of his experience.

Sources:The Daily Mirror, Daily Mail / Photo Source: Daily Mail


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