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Man Finds Dead Moth Inside Children's Cadbury Chocolate Bar (Photos)

A 21-year-old man was horrified when he discovered a dead moth inside of his Cadbury chocolate bar, and now, he’s vowing never to eat the candy again.

Reports say that Craig Brown of the U.K. bought two Cadbury Dairy Milk bars for his partner’s children from a local store, and upon opening one of them, he noticed the dead insect.

“I bought the chocolate at 11 a.m. in Costcutter. I don't go there regularly but I bought two of them for the kids,” Brown claimed, according to The Daily Mirror. “Luckily I opened it upside down and I saw it before anyone bit into it. It was one of those small, thin bars for the children. The other one I bought went straight in the bin.”

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It was pretty clear that the item lodged inside the chocolate bar was a dead moth, but before contacting Cadbury, Brown decided to take a picture.

“Honestly when I first looked at it I thought it was one of those big bubbles of chocolate and I thought, 'That doesn't look right,'” Brown said of the discovery. “Then I saw some juice in the chocolate and I knew it was a moth straight away. I thought, 'That's disgusting.' Cadbury are my favourite [sic] chocolate and I have been eating Dairy Milk for years. All I think now is that you don't know what is in the chocolate."

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“I think some people who find things in their chocolate will just throw it away or ring up Cadbury. It doesn't solve anything and the public are none the wiser,” Brown continued. “Cadbury World said send the chocolate bar in to them. I thought if I do that and it goes in the factory it will never be seen again. I just think, 'Is it something that goes on in every chocolate bar?' I'm a big lover of chocolate and I'm sat checking every bar. I wouldn't buy that chocolate bar again."

Brown says he has many questions as to the safety of other candy bars like the one he purchased, and currently, the bar in question is in the freezer away from the children. Now, a spokesperson from the company has responded, saying that they are planning to investigate the matter.

“This sounds very unpleasant for Mr Brown and we have sent him a pre-paid envelope so that he can send the product back to us,” the spokesperson said in a statement, according to Yahoo News UK. “Once it's returned, we will carry out an investigation to see how this could have occurred.”

Brown says any chocolate he eats going forward will be thoroughly checked prior to consumption.

Sources:The Daily Mirror, Yahoo News UK / Photo Source: The Daily Mirror/SWNS


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