Man Finds Band-Aid In Curry Meal At Chicken Kitchen Restaurant


A Miami man says that he was eating lunch at a Chicken Kitchen restaurant when he discovered a used Band-Aid in his curry sauce.

Mark Gadala says he usually goes into the Chicken Kitchen restaurant for lunch, and as usual, he ordered a Mexican Chop Chop meal. When he went to pour the curry sauce on his meal, he thought he saw a chicken bone inside, so when he went to pick it out with his fingers, he was horrified to discover that a used Band-Aid was inside.

"It was just the most appalling thing you can imagine," said the 25-year-old business owner.

Gadala says that he reported the incident to the restaurant’s manager, but he was told to ignore it after being issued a refund so that he didn’t alarm other customers. Gadala then took his story to corporate and was offered a refund plus a free meal.

"They were like: 'We can give you free food. You want a free Chop Chop?'" Gadala said. "That's the last thing I want."

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Gadala claims that he has yet to receive a refund, and when the Miami New Times reached out to a corporate representative for comment, she said that it seemed like he was just trying to make the company look bad.

"So it really doesn't matter what I say or what my company offers," said representative Mayi Sabadini. "He just wants to make Chicken Kitchen look bad."

Gadala agrees, saying that he wants people to know what they would be getting by eating at the restaurant.

"It's so nasty - I just don't want anybody to eat there," said Gadala. "I want people to understand the risk."


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