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Man Finds $70,000 In Checks To City Of Phoenix In Recycle Bin

The city of Phoenix, Arizona, is facing budget woes and businessman David Zorehkey can account for at least $70,000 of the shortfall.

Last week, Zorehkey found 14 checks made out to the city of Phoenix, totaling more than $70,000, while he was looking for boxes at a recycling bin in a City of Phoenix parking garage, KPHO reported.

"I was told that it's illegal to take stuff out of a recycling container, but I was recycling them," Zorehkey said. "I was taking used boxes and using them for something else. I wasn't throwing them away, so technically, I was recycling them.”

The checks were in sealed envelopes and ranged from $50 to $57,000. The money was from both big banks and individuals and all of the checks were written between December 2014 and January 2015.

"I think it was just total negligence," Zorehkey said.

The Phoenix Police Department said they’re investigating the matter, but the Arizona Daily Star reported that an official said they couldn’t comment on how the checks wound up in the trash until the investigation was completed. 

Sources: KPHO, Arizona Daily Star Image via via KPHO


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