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Man Gets Friend Requests After Returning Lost Money

A California man found $500 at an ATM, but decided to ignore the old adage "finders keepers."

Instead, Bobby Puryear returned the money to its rightful owner, reports the website Faith Tap. He gave the details in a Facebook post:

Yesterday I went to the drive thru atm at my bank as I was putting my card in I noticed where the money comes out of that there was money in it, I reached down and took it, it was $500.00. I drove around to the bank and took it in, I told the teller what happened and handed her the money, she wouldn't take it and she called the manager over he said what do you expect me to do with it, I told him well maybe you could check and see who was the one right before me, he took my name and number, today I received a call from him he said it was a three way call and he had the owner of the money on the phone with us, her name was Edith and she is 92 years old she was taking the money out for rent, her rent was $480.00 and she wanted to give me the twenty dollars that was left for a reward, it was all the money she had for the rest of the month, I told her absolutely not and to have a great day.

After Puryear got off the phone, he decided to not only to decline Edith's offer of a $20 reward, but to give her 10 times that amount. So he called the bank and had it transfer $200 from his account to hers.

That act of generosity had a domino effect, because when the bank tellers heard about it, they all chipped in an deposited an additional $300 into the woman’s account.

Puryear also revealed that he invited Edith to spend Thanksgiving with his family, and set her up with Meals On Wheels to deliver her food twice a week.

His charitable actions have gained him much attention, reports the Epoch Times.

“I am stunned with the amount of friend requests I am getting just from doing what's right,” he said on Facebook. “I am accepting friends from all over the world and I love it and I want to talk with each and every one of you, give me some time and I will talk to each and every one….” As he summarized: “I know there are a lot of people out there that need help and Edith is the one I chose to help.”

Sources: Faith Tap, Epoch Times  / Photo credit: Pixabay

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