Man Makes Shocking Discovery In Storage Unit (Photo)


A Nevada man was shocked to discover 27 urns filled with human remains in a storage unit.

Billy Smith said he bought the storage unit at an auction for a couple hundred dollars -- something he's done many times in the past. 

"I've been doing this business off and on as a hobby for the last 20 years," he said. "This is the most bizarre thing I've ever found in a unit. I've found lots of crazy things over the years, but nothing like this."

Smith said he was shocked when he found the urns, which were all filled with human ashes.

"I discovered an urn, I thought 'Oh my God, this is somebody's loved one,'" he said. "Then I found a tub full of remains, and then a second tub full of remains. I was just shocked to see almost 30 sets of remains."

Some of the urns, he told KVVU, included the paperwork that corresponded with the remains. Several of them were just a few years old, but some were from the early 2000s. 

"Somebody had the gall to store a family member in a storage unit like that," he said. 

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The person who rented the storage unit prior to Smith was April Parks, who worked as a court-appointed guardian for senior citizens. On May 16, she was put in jail for charges of theft, perjury and exploitation of her clients. She was previously under a years-long investigation by the Nevada Attorney General's Office, as well as local police and the district attorney. 

Parks' company faced 270 charges for mistreatment of her clients -- many of whom were individuals identified in some of the urns' corresponding documents.

"Horrendous things, just horrendous things were done to her wards," Elizabeth Indig, whose mother was a ward of Parks, said. "I shouldn't be shocked because I know all the horrible things that Parks did, but I am shocked, and I am appalled. Words cannot even describe how appalled I am."

Despite the horrific find, Parks won't likely face any new charges.

"Cremated remains may be disposed of in any manner upon private property if the agent who ordered the cremation so directs and the owner of the property consents in writing," Nevada law states, KVVU reported.

In a similar story, a family was horrified and devastated when their father's ashes were stolen from a car they rented for a trip to San Francisco, California, to celebrate his life.

"They stole my suitcase, my mom’s wallet but most importantly they stole my father’s ashes and ruined our trip," Julia Wilkinson told KPIX after the disturbing theft. Her father, Joe, loved the city -- so much so that his family traveled there in his honor. Julia even considered a permanent relocation until her father's remains were stolen.

"I wanted to move here. I wanted to live here. I wanted to call this home. I do not want to call this home anymore," she said. 

Sources: KVVU, KPIX / Photo credit: Hankwang/Wikimedia Commons, KVVU 

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