Man Finds 2-Month-Old On Cleveland Sidewalk (Video)

A baby identified as 2-month-old Amaurie Holiday is safely with his mother’s family thanks to John Dorsey, who found the baby on a sidewalk in Cleveland, Ohio, on June 8.

Dorsey was out with his children when he spotted a car seat on the sidewalk. He asked his son to check if there was a child in the car seat.

“He walked up to the car seat, and he was like, ‘This is a baby, pops!’ So I just jumped out of the car, and grabbed the baby and put him in the backseat,” Dorsey told KFOR. “It was like somebody threw the diaper bag out the window because all the stuff was scattered down the street. Yeah, so we had to like, pick everything up and put it in the bag once we put him in the car.”

He told WEWS-TV that Aumrie wasn’t dressed for the weather. “He wasn’t covered all of the way up, he didn’t have any socks on, and his hands were cold,” he said.

Dorsey took the Amaurie home to clean him and feed him until the police arrived. “Why? That’s all I want to know. Why would somebody do this? And he was a beautiful little baby,” Dorsey said.

Police said the baby’s father, DeShawn Holiday, was supposed to be taking care of him at the time. He is currently being sought on child endangerment charges, but both Holiday’s family and relations of Amaurie’s mother said she left the baby in the car.

Dorsey, a father of eight and grandfather of four, said his family called Aumrie “little brother.”

Sources: KFOR, WEWS-TV Image via WOIO


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