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Man Finally Finds The Giant Beast That Ate His Neighbor's Dog (Photos)

After his neighbor’s dog was killed, a French Guiana man was determined to capture the creature that was responsible, but nothing could have prepared him for what he discovered.

Sebastien Bascoules made it his mission to find the animal responsible for eating his neighbor’s dog, and the whole time, he thought he was searching for a smaller snake. He was shocked, however, when he wound up finding a 17-foot anaconda.

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(via The Blaze)

“I was not scared because I thought it was smaller, but I was very surprised by his strength and his length — more than 5 meters.,” said Bascoules, a math teacher. “Since I was 10 years old, I have liked handling reptiles, but this was the biggest snake I had ever seen and I had ever caught. It was so big, I asked to my friend to help me by catching his tail — otherwise it could strangulate me.”

Once he and his friend were able to wrestle the giant snake out of the river, Bascoules put it in a tub and kept it over night.

“My wife was worried it might escape from the bathroom during the night,” said Bascoules. “We didn’t have to be worried because I put a cloth on his head so it was blind and became like a big worm.”

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(via The Blaze)

Before releasing the snake into a river six miles away, Bascoules let his children take pictures with it.

“It is really common to come across snakes in French Guiana, there are 98 species here,” he said. “I have caught between 15 and 20 anacondas. To capture a snake this size is a dream come true.”

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