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Man Gets Unexpected Reply After Making Big Confession (Photos)

When a man finally confessed that he was in love with his best friend's wife, there was no way he could have predicted the response he would get.

Amanda Liston married her husband, Chad, when they were 18 and 21, respectively. Both Amanda and Chad come from the same town and have conservative, religious backgrounds.

"We went to the same church, our families were friends with each other, so we kind of had that small town Americana love story -- boy meets girl, they get married young, they have kids young," Amanda said on the couple's upcoming TLC show, "Brother Husbands." "My family life was the definition of traditional."

Four years after the couple was married, Chad met a man named Jeremy, with whom he worked at their church, according to the Independent Journal Review. The two quickly became best friends, but had no clue that their lives would soon change forever.

As Jeremy and Chad became closer, Jeremy also built up a relationship with Amanda. Eventually, Jeremy had come to terms with the fact that he was in love with his best friend's wife.

"When I first realized that I had feelings for my best friend's wife, I knew that it was just something that I had to deal with," Jeremy said. "The more time I spent with Amanda, the more I realized what an amazing person she is and I just started to fall in love with her."

Finally, Jeremy was unable to hold in his true feelings and he confessed to Chad.

"I did not expect what [Jeremy] said to come to of his mouth," Chad said. 

He understood what Amanda and I were and what our family was -- he wanted to join that. It did feel in a lot of ways that my entire foundation had been [taken] out from underneath me."

Chad responded to Jeremy's confession in a very unexpected way -- he tried to come up with an arrangement that would include Jeremy in his marriage with Amanda.

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Amanda says she never would have imagined this situation for herself, but that she found falling in love with Jeremy to be very easy, though she says that it "was and still is" difficult to fall in love with another man while still married to her first husband.

The beginning of the trio's relationship was met with some challenges as Jeremy feared he would be left out because Chad and Amanda had already been married for eight years. 

Those worries were put to rest, however, when Amanda, who previously had two children with Chad, found out she was pregnant again -- with triplets. 

For the first three months of the triplets' lives, it was unclear which man was the father, but the trio decided that Jeremy should be treated as the father in order to make him feel more included in the family. As it turns out, the triplets are, in fact, Jeremy's.

While some family members have turned their backs on them due to their unusual arrangement, others have been supportive. Now, the trio hopes that by being open about their relationship with their new TV show, people will open their minds and become more understanding of nontraditional relationships.

According to Empty Lighthouse, Amanda is the head of the household. She works to feed the family, while Jeremy and Chad stay at home and take care of the children.

Sources: Independent Journal ReviewEmpty Lighthouse / Photo credit: Amanda Liston/Instagram via Independent Journal Review

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