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Woman Arrested For Allegedly Having Sex With Dog

An animal shelter employee in Louisiana was charged with crimes against nature after a former co-worker allegedly filmed her having sex with a dog.

Celina Ann Cabrera, 24, was arrested Feb. 24 as a result of a police investigation into a report that she had a video of herself engaging in sexual acts with a dog, according to KSLA. She has since been released on bail.

The police have not yet found the alleged video of the crime being committed.

A tip from an anonymous source led to the police investigation.

Cabrera worked at the Caddo Parish Animal Shelter in Shreveport, Louisiana.

Police also arrested Booker Talioterro Thomas Jr., 41, and charged him with principal to crimes against nature. He stands accused of filming Cabrera while she had sex with his dog.

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Thomas is a former CPAS employee.

Shreveport Police Department spokesman Cpr. Marcus Hines said authorities are working to find the video and noted that the incident did not occur at the animal shelter itself.

No information has been released about what type of dog it was or the type of alleged sex act. Shreveport City Jail records reportedly note the dog belonged to Thomas.

"Investigators are uncovering information that may lead to the discovery of video. That process is still underway at the moment," Hines said, according to KTBS. "Although these individuals, in my understanding, did work at the Caddo Parish Animal Shelter, it's my understanding that there were no crimes committed there and that there were no animals in possession or in the care of Caddo Animal Control that are involved in this investigation."

Caddo Parish Public Information Officer Krystle Grindley indicated that Cabrera had been on leave from the shelter since Feb. 15. Grindley did not provide any details on why Cabrera had been placed on leave, citing privacy regulations in place, JD Journal reports.

A KSLA reporter who went to Cabrera's registered address spoke briefly with a man who asked the news crew to leave. The man did not comment on the allegations and did not tell the reporter where Cabrera was.

Police reportedly asked animal control employees to remove the dog connected to the case from the home in which it was living.

Thomas and Cabrera could face maximum sentences of five years in prison, if convicted. KSLA was unable to confirm if Thomas had been released from jail on bail as of Feb. 27.

Sources: KSLA, KTBS, JD Journal / Photo credit: Caddo Parish Sheriff's Office via KSLA

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