Man Confronts Cop Speeding On Way To Work (Video)


Who hasn't been guilty of speeding when you're running late? When you do, there’s always that little fear in the back of your mind that you'll be pulled over by a cop.

But as this video shows, people working in law enforcement might lack that fear of being ticketed, and the results aren’t good.

YouTube user Guicci007, who goes by Lewis, posted a video recently of him following a Los Angeles County Sheriff’s deputy on the way to work. Lewis decided to follow the officer after watching him weave and speed through traffic without using his turn signals.

In an introduction to the video, Lewis writes “A Los Angeles County Sheriff’s officer just past me at a very high speed. I decided to follow him and report it. Is it okay for you to break the law if you’re late for work, officer? (If I did the same, I would get a ticket!)”

When the deputy, who identified himself as Rich, reached his office, Lewis confronted him about his driving.

“I feel really strongly if that would have been me, you would have pulled me over and given me a ticket,” Lewis said to Rich. “I’m assuming you’re not in an emergency, is that a fair assumption?”

Rich responded to each ensuing question with a nonchalant “Okay.”

The two men spoke for a few more moments before Lewis decided to leave. He reported Rich's driving to the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, which says it is investigating the incident.

Here’s the full video:

Sources: YouTube, The Blaze


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