Man Fights Power Company Over SmartMeters that 'Spew Radiation'


SmartMeters have been installed in several cities to record the use of electric power in intervals of an hour or less for monitoring and billing purposes.

For the past few years there have been conspiracy theories about how SmartMeters can spy on people inside their homes and emit large amounts of dangerous radiation, noted The Las Vegas Sun.

Kevin Schmidt, of Marshall, Texas, is currently fighting his power company SWEPCO/AEP, which he claims installed a SmartMeter at his home without his permission.

Schmidt says that he and his wife don't want to be "spied upon" or "have unwanted radiation spewed into our home."

However, SWEPCO/AEP claims that it did not install a SmartMeter, but rather a RF meter.

“It’s an electronic way to read the meter, the technology has been around for years. It’s a way for us to get a more accurate read and to read it in a quicker, more efficient way," SWEPCO Senior Communications Consultant Kacee Kirschvink told

“SmartMeter knows the things that you can do to monitor your usage and see when the best day to do your laundry is, but that is not what we have,” added Kirschvink.

However, a disbelieving Schmidt told, “I noticed we had a new meter and had heard about it in the past and that there were various problems with it with people. I didn’t know the SmartMeter was installed, but it was producing radio magnetic frequencies and that alarmed me.”

Schmidt wrote on

 In that effort to defend our safety, health, and privacy we sent SWEPCO/AEP (the power company) a demand notice giving them 30 days to remove the smart meter, and replace it with a safe analog meter.

The same day SWEPCO/AEP received the notice they sent a young man to our home attempting to calm the crazy people.

...After I escorted the robot to the door, he let me know that they will not change the meter and if we do so then the power to our house will be cut off.

Schmidt ignored the warning, hired an electrician to install an analog meter and sent the new meter back to the power company, which then cut his power off.

Schmidt and his wife have moved in with family members until this imaginary SmartMeter situation is resolved with the power company.

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