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Man Kills His Girlfriend's Puppy, Marinates It In Dressing To Eat (Video)

A New Mexico woman says her ex-boyfriend stabbed her puppy to death and marinated it in Italian dressing with full intent to eat it.

Mandy Malone says that her ex-boyfriend Salvador Martinez had talked about eating her dog in the past, but she never took him seriously.

"He'd said it before but jokingly, just out of the blue, 'I'm going to barbecue one of your dogs,'" Malone told KOAT.

Police say that Martinez stabbed the puppy in the heart with a screwdriver, skinned it, and cut its meat so that he could cook it. When Malone discovered the meat in the refrigerator, she was horrified to discover that it was her dead puppy.

"He had her marinating in Italian dressing in the fridge," said Malone. “Nobody knows what to think. Nobody has ever heard of this before. What could possibly go through someone's mind to do something that sick?”

Oddly enough, reports say that it is completely legal to eat dog in New Mexico, but because he murdered it, Martinez is now facing an extreme cruelty to animals charge.

Sources: KSDK, KOAT 


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