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Arizona Woman Fatally Shoots Man During Alleged Robbery

A 23-year-old woman from Glendale, Arizona, shot and killed a 27-year-old man during an alleged robbery.

Carol Miracle pulled her handgun and fired the shot after Frank Taylor drew his weapon in the robbery attempt and pointed it at her head, according to KSAZ.

The incident occurred on the morning of August 1 shortly after midnight. It was Miracle who called 911 from her home phone to alert police as to what happened.

“Okay he put the gun to your head?” a dispatcher on the 911 call asked Miracle, according to KPNX.

“To my neck,” Miracle responded.

“Okay and you had a gun on you?” the dispatcher asked.

“I had it on my side in my holster, and he walked up to me and he said ‘Hey, it’s loaded.’ And he told me to hand over my gun. I pulled it out of the holster and I shot him,” Miracle added.

Miracle’s statements were backed up by other witnesses and evidence at the scene.

“Where did you shoot him? Do you know?” the dispatcher went on to ask.

“Um, in the stomach,” she answered.

Taylor was taken to a hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

The case will be passed to the local prosecutor’s office to determine whether Miracle will be charged.

Miracle asked the dispatcher if she would go to jail for defending herself.

“That’s … I mean I’m not going to say yes or no. Alright, officers are on their way to come and talk to you, okay? So I mean I’m glad you called. Okay and you always have every right to defend yourself,” the dispatcher responded.

Police said Taylor had a history of arrests for drug paraphernalia and theft.

Sources: KSAZ, KPNX / Photo credit: Courtney Griffin/Twitter

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