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Man Fatally Shot The Day He Planned To Retire

Police say robbers shot and killed a 79-year-old man working his last shift at a Florida liquor store on Nov. 22.

Authorities said Ali Arezoumandifar of Jupiter, Florida, recently sold the Liquor Market and had been training his replacement.

Arezoumandifar was due at a celebratory dinner with his family at home that evening, reports the Sun Sentinel. Instead, a customer called police at 8:10 p.m. after discovering both an empty cash register and Arezoumandifar on the floor.

"Nobody expected what happened last night," Boynton Beach Police Investigator Marco Villari said.

Police say the store did not have surveillance cameras. Detectives are approaching nearby businesses to check if they have any videos that may help find the killer, reports The Associated Press.

Authorities say the Liquor Market had been robbed last month. On Oct. 27, a man wearing a black mask stole a tray of scratch-off lottery tickets and ran from the store.

Arezoumandifar reportedly tried to grab him, but the robber hit the gas and Arezoumandifar fell to the ground, injuring his face and head.

The suspect and his girlfriend have also been implicated in other crimes. 

"They were both suspects in a similar robbery at a 7-Eleven," said Stephanie Slater, police spokeswoman. "Detectives were able to arrest them for the 7-Eleven robbery, but there was insufficient evidence to make an arrest for the robbery at Liquor Market."

Arezoumandifar's family reportedly urged him to retire because of the robbery. 

While there is no evidence linking the October crime to this one, authorities will still be interviewing the suspects for last month's incident. 

Villari had formed a relationship after October's robbery and was personally affected by Arezoumandifar's death.

"Property crime — when money is stolen — we can deal with that," he said. "When a life is taken, that hurts."

Sources: Sun Sentinel, AP via CBS / Photo credit: AP via CBS

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