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Man Falls From Ladder While Cutting Down Tree Branch (Video)

A new viral video posted on YouTube shows a man learning a valuable lesson while trying to cut down a tree branch.

The video starts out with a man standing on a ladder yelling, “I don’t want to hit anybody, is everybody good?”

After getting clearance from the ground, the man begins to cut the branch, but as one side hits the ground, the other side swings back around, knocks the man from the ladder, and slams him straight to the ground.

“911 or not?” asks the woman recording the video. Well, it’s safe to assume that the woman called 911, and according to The Blaze, a friend of the man who fell from the ladder confirmed that he was fine.

The video has received mixed reactions since being posted on YouTube. Some users think it’s hilarious, while others think it shows the dangers of cutting down trees. More users, however, point out that if the man had done it the right way to begin with, he probably never would have fallen.

“When cutting off limbs you do an undercut first. End of lesson,” wrote one YouTuber user.

Needless to say, this guy probably won’t be cutting down more branches any time soon.


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