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Man Fakes Drowning After Argument With Girlfriend

A man faked his own drowning death in China after he got into a dispute with his girlfriend.

The unnamed name and his girlfriend were reportedly near a lake in Anlu, Hubei Province, China, when they got into a big argument.

Witnesses told authorities that the couple was quarreling along the river when the man suddenly jumped in and vanished below the surface, according to

The distressed girlfriend contacted authorities after the man failed to resurface in the nearby water. Rescuers searched for two hours until a neighbor of the man informed police he had spotted him crawl on dry land down river and return home.

The Inquisitr reports that police did eventually found the man at home watching television.

The man was apparently renowned for his swimming skills and has the ability to hold his breath underwater for a very long period of time.

When policed questioned him, he admitted that he took part in his prank to escape his nagging girlfriend. The cops have yet to confirm whether or not they will press charges against him for faking his death.

Sources:, The Inquisitr


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