'Is That Your Baby?': Man Leaves Baby In Car, Car Gets Towed By Repo Man (Video)

A repossession company in Florida was surprised when it found a 10-month-old baby in the back of a car taken by a repo man (video below).

MFSI Towing manager said the company had been following a Land Rover SUV all day before a repo man took the car. The car was towed after the driver left it unattended and taken to the Diamond Auto Sales dealership. While cleaning the vehicle, employees at the towing company found a baby under a blanket in the back seat, WKMG reported.

The company called police and the baby’s father soon came.

"A black gentleman comes running into the parking lot and says, 'That's my car! that's my car,'" Frank, an employee at MFSI Towing, told the news station. "I says, 'To hell with the car. Is that your baby?' He says, 'Yeah, that's my baby, too.'"

Donielle Rivers, 28, reportedly jumped into the car and drove off without his baby when Frank told him the police were on their way. He eventually drove back to retrieve the child and took him home.

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Rivers was driving his girlfriend’s car with a suspended license and police have filed paperwork for potential child abuse charges, according to the Orange County Sheriff's Office.

The baby was not injured during the incident and the Department of Children and Families is currently investigating the matter.

Sources: WKMG, Daily Mail

Photo Credit: Screenshot WKMG, Facebook via Daily Mail


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