'Karma Is A B****': Man Who Beat Cat With Metal Bat Falls Out Window, Hit By Garbage Truck

A man who was previously accused of beating a cat and is currently facing animal cruelty charges for the crime reportedly fell out of a second story window and was hit by a garbage truck.

According to reports, 55-year-old Manuel Erinna was attempting to throw trash out of his window and into a garbage truck as it approached when he accidentally fell out 35 feet. Erinna landed in the snow behind the truck, and unfortunately for him, the truck didn’t see him and struck him as it backed out of the driveway. The truck stopped before it completely ran Erinna over because a bystander screamed to the driver that there was a man behind him.

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Authorities say that Erinna was rushed to a local hospital and was “in and out of consciousness” at the scene of the incident. He possibly suffered broken legs as a result of the fall. Despite his injuries, a hospital spokeswoman confirmed that the 55-year-old is in good condition.

Back in June, Erinna was charged with animal cruelty for beating a cat with a metal bat because the pet allegedly scratched his ex-girlfriend’s granddaughter. As a result of being senselessly beaten by Erinna, the cat lost one of its eyes. For that incident, Erinna is awaiting a pre-trial hearing set to take place next week.

The story of Erinna’s recent accident went viral on Reddit as users expressed their belief that the garbage truck incident was karma for last year’s cat beating. As one user noted, "Karma is a bitch."

Sources: Reddit, South Coast Today / Photo Source: WWLP, South Coast Today


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