Man Who Used Taser To Stop Robbery Suspect Now Faces Felony Charges


A Wisconsin man faces felony charges after he reportedly tried to stop a woman from robbing his local bar – by using a Taser gun.

Jeff Steele, who is from La Crosse, says he was at the King's Korner bar early Monday morning when a woman wearing a mask walked in, pointed her gun, and demanded the bartender hand over all of the money in the register, reports WKBT.

Steele, who has lived in the neighborhood for 40 years, says he made the decision to pull out his Taser, which he purchased off the Internet, and stop suspect Heidi Thompson, 24, from stealing from the establishment.

Colleen Hogan, who was bartending at the time, reportedly told police she saw Steele approach the suspect with his Taser and could see it “sparking,” but didn’t think it made contact with Thompson.

The suspect reportedly ran away and was apprehended shortly thereafter, but police also turned their focus on Steele. The man was reportedly charged with possession of an electronic weapon, which is a felony, because he doesn’t have a concealed carry permit for the Taser.

Steele is reportedly being held on a signature bond and the district attorney’s office will decide whether to go forward with the charge.

Thompson, meanwhile, is reportedly being held on a $10,000 cash bond and faces charges of armed robbery and disorderly conduct.

Source: WKBT/Photo Credit: hermanturnip/Flickr, WikiCommons


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