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Man Puts Grocery Bags On Ground, Cop Leaps Into Action

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A police officer in Gainesville, Florida, went above and beyond when an elderly man had his groceries stolen.

Gainesville Police Department wrote a Facebook post about the incident, which involved Officer Franklin and a local resident, reports WJAX.

“Ofc. Franklin was dispatched to the Seagle Building in reference to a theft," the post read. "Saleem Hasan, 74 years old, got off a bus and put his grocery bags on the ground. An unknown female walked past him and stole his groceries.” 

“Mr. Hasan has difficulty with mobility. The $85 of groceries was due to last him the whole month. Ofc. Franklin took it upon himself to go to the Publix where he purchased the groceries and see if they could help with the replacement. “

“They did and with the receipt Ofc. Franklin purchased all the same items and took them to Mr. Hasan. He was very appreciative. These are the efforts that our officers are doing on a regular basis that show the citizens how much we care.”

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The post quickly went viral, with Franklin garnering praise from readers worldwide.

“Ofc Franklin, you're a credit to the force and your community," one reader commented. "I hope your actions have restored Mr. Hasan's faith in the human race. I hope the thief is caught and made to not only compensate Mr. Hasan but apologize for his behavior. As Gandi said, ‘Be the change you want to see in the world.’”

“There are so many officers around the country doing things just like Officer Franklin, never seeking the spotlight or looking for it," another wrote. "They got into their line of work to serve and protect, and that's what they do. Too bad that's not what we hear about a lot.”

“It's such a shame that somebody would consciously do that to a person," another reader added.  "How disgraceful. Thank goodness there is still some good left in this world and this man now has his groceries because of the kindness of our police department.”

Sources: WJAX, Gainesville Police Department/Facebook / Photo credit: Gainesville Police Department/Facebook

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