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SXSW Festival: Handcuffed Man Escapes Police Officers (Video)

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A man who was being arrested outside of a pub in Austin, Texas, managed to escape police officers while still in handcuffs.

Video capturing the moment shows the man outside of a bar during Austin's annual South By Southwest festival. Police were called to the Blind Tiger Pub on Sixth Street to break up a fight, and had just placed the escapee in handcuffs at the start of the video.

As officers were busy apprehending someone that they reportedly tased for trying to intervene with arrests, the man in question attempted to stand up. He stumbled a bit and struggled to get to his feet before finally doing so and sprinting off through a crowd of onlookers. 

Police officers missed the man as he made his initial attempt to flee the scene, only noticing him after he began to run away. Because they were preoccupied with the other person being apprehended, they could do nothing but look as the man escaped. 

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The escapee was later charged with evading arrest, while the tased man was charged with resisting arrest and interference with public duties. The other person involved in the fight faces charges for disorderly conduct.

Watch video of the escape below.

Sources: Mirror Online, Statesman / Photo Credit:,


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