Man Dumps Fiancee For Facebook Lover (Photos)


Only weeks after proposing to his fiancee, a man in England nearly destroyed his relationship over an online correspondence -- only to realize later his digital lover was a con artist.

Paul Rusher, 26, and Rebecca Lewis, 30, worked together at a supermarket and had dated for two years, the Daily Mail reports.

Lewis was consequently shocked to discovered that her fiance was messaging a blonde woman in California on Facebook only a few weeks after he proposed.

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“It was the biggest shock of my life,” Lewis said. “I knew something was wrong when Paul started to act strangely.”

She said that’s when she just knew that he was “obviously hiding something” and there had to be another woman. After checking his Facebook and What’s App, her fears were confirmed.

“I couldn't understand how he could tell some stranger, who he had never even met once, that he loved her,” she said. "I confronted him about it, and he admitted it was true, that he did love her and that he was confused, so I packed up my things and left."

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Lewis says even though she left, she grew suspicious of Kristen.

She eventually found an online forum dedicated to Rusher's new online girlfriend, and soon learned the woman was actually a con-artist using model photos to steal men’s money.

"That was all the evidence I needed. I couldn't believe he had been so foolish. I went around to Paul's house and presented him with my findings,” she said.

At first, Rusher didn’t believe her, but then he recalled Kristen had just recently asked him for money and soon put together Lewis' story. He was “mortified,” Lewis recalls.

“Together, we messaged her one final time, to let her know we had caught her out. She simply replied claiming that she'd found a new man and was no longer interested in Paul,” Lewis said.

What is even more shocking to some, however, is that his fiancee says she has now forgiven him -- and they have since married.

“Rebecca is the bigger idiot for taking him back,” writes one social media user on Facebook.

Still, Lewis ignores such criticism and is focused on moving forward.

“Now we're focusing on putting the past behind us and, if anything, we're stronger as a result. I never stopped loving Paul and I feel we have a second chance at happiness,” Lewis said.

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Sources: Daily MailBarney (How I Met Your Mother)/Facebook / Photo credits: Daily Mail, Medavia via Daily Mail

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