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Man Drives 15 Hours To Shoot Girlfriend's Parents On Christmas (Video)

Preston Pollard reportedly drove 15 hours from Venus, Texas, to Marion County, Florida, where he fatally shot his girlfriend's father and critically wounded her step-mother on Christmas morning.

"[Mary Lou Hutson] was shot and then he went to the next parent, Richard Hutson, and shot him," Marion County Sheriff's Office spokeswoman Lauren Lettelier told WFAA (video below).

Pollard left the Hutson's home, was pursued by police and turned his gun on himself.

"I know my son and that's not him, he was not a mean person," Pollard's father Stephen told WFAA on Saturday.

Stephen claimed that his son bought a plane ticket for his girlfriend to come to Texas on Christmas, but something happened and she wasn't able to fly, noted

"Something went wrong, which nobody really knows what happened," added Stephen. "They say he opened the door and started shooting. That doesn't sound very likely to me."

According to Stephen, his son didn't own a gun.

"Why would he drive all that way to go kill somebody? He was driving that way to go see his girlfriend," said Stephen.

Sources:, WFAA
Image Credit: WFAA Screenshot


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