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Man Dressed As Giant Bunny Stabs Ex’s New Boyfriend To Death

A British man was sentenced to eight years in prison after he was convicted of stabbing his former boyfriend’s new lover to death while dressed as a giant bunny.

Mark Pritchard, 46, allegedly lulled Martin Williams into a false sense of security when he showed up on his doorstep wearing the bunny outfit in October.

Holding love letters and roses he told Williams that he had a special delivery from his ex, Lee Corbin, who was away on vacation at the time.

Williams let Pritchard into his home and, after reading the love letters, agreed to be blindfolded and wait on a bed for “some treasure.”

Pritchard then covered Williams’ face with a handkerchief soaked in chloroform and stabbed him in the hip and neck. During the struggle, Pritchard’s bunny head was knocked off, revealing his face.

Williams allegedly begged for help. He even text messaged Corbin to tell him the relationship was over.

"Mr. Pritchard then carried him downstairs into the living room, where Mr. Williams begged him for help, telling him he would die otherwise,” Bristol Crown Court prosecutor Giles Nelson told the court.

Receipts for the roses and a costume rental were found in Pritchard’s possession.

"This was done in jealous rage but it wasn't spontaneous – it had been planned," Lord Justice Ford said last week at Bristol Crown Court. "I take into account you are a man of 46 years with no prior convictions but this is a case that shows signs of premeditation. It seems to me that the aggravating features of this case significantly outweigh the mitigating ones."

He was sentenced to eight years and eight months.

The judge issued a restraining order for Corbin against Williams.

Sources: New York Daily News, Bristol Post


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