Man Douses Coworkers With Gas, Sets Them On Fire


A man is accused of dousing his two coworkers with gasoline and setting them on fire in White Marsh, Maryland.

According to fellow coworkers of the men, on Dec. 4, a workplace dispute was supposed to be settled with a fistfight, but then things took a drastic turn, WBAL reports.

The entire incident at a gas station was captured on video and shared online.

"We were recording for a fight," David Widener, who recorded the video and posted it online, told WBAL.

Christopher Harrison Jr., 28, allegedly poured gas on two of his coworkers and set them on fire. Both men are currently in critical condition.

"He threw the gas on him and caught him on fire, and it just happened so quick," Anthony Rodriguez, a fellow coworker of the three men, said.

Rodriguez added that there was an ongoing dispute between Harrison and one of the victims.

"They kept pushing him and pushing him, saying that they wanted to fight him," he said.

"They had agreed to settle it," Widener added. "Nothing besides that was said, even leading up to the altercation. They both took their shirts off and appeared like they were going to fight."

The two men are being treated in a burn unit.

“According to our detectives, they received information from the hospital that one of the victims received burns over 90 percent of his body, and his burns are so significant that his clothes were burned off of him at the scene," Baltimore County police Cpl. Shawn Vinson said. "A second victim received burns over 60 percent of his body."

The video will be used as part of the police investigation.

Harrison has been charged with attempted first-degree murder, first-and-second-degree assault, and reckless endangerment, The Baltimore Sun reports. He is being held without bail at the Baltimore County Detention Center.

Sources: WBAL, The Baltimore Sun / Photo Source: WBAL

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