Saudi Man Angered When Wife Refuses To Close Car Door, Threatens Divorce

A Saudi man has divorced his wife for not shutting the car door.

The couple went to a picnic and when they returned home, his wife got out of the car, helped their children, and then proceeded to go into their home.

The husband called out to his wife to shut the car door but she refused, telling him to do it as he was closer.

The refusal angered her husband.

“You are forbidden to me and should not enter my home if you do not close the door,” Arab News reports the husband said.

His wife did not go back to close the door; instead, she left and went to her father’s house.

Gulf News reports she was offended by the warning given by her husband and considered it a “challenge to her dignity, and a blatant abuse of her character.”

Attempts to reconcile the couple have failed as the wife contends she does not want to remain married to such an “irresponsible” man.

“He said he would divorce me for such a trivial thing and this means that he does not appreciate our marriage,” the wife reportedly said. “He cannot hold our marriage hostage to his fits. He simply does not deserve that I live with him,” she said.

Islam does not allow Muslims to divorce out of anger or for reasons deemed petty.

Saudi Sheikh Asim Al-Hakim says the divorce is valid because of the husband’s actions.

“Intention is very important in such cases, but such behavior is irresponsible,” Al-Hakim said.

Al-Hakim says Islam has given men a great deal of responsibility to act in a correct manner under such circumstances.

"So a man should be very careful about his actions,” Al-Hakim said.

Sources: Arab News, Gulf News

Photo Source: Arab News, Flickr Creative Commons / Mike Rounding


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