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Man Discovers Wife's Big Secret After 9 Years Of Marriage

One St. Louis man recently discovered his wife had committed bigamy after nine years of marriage. Now, police refuse to press charges against the woman.

Ken Cherry said he was meant to be his wife’s fifth husband. However, he recently learned that he had not been legally married at all.

“What kind of dummy was I to get myself caught up in something like this?” Cherry said.

Cherry originally met Susan Bozich about 11 years ago after mutual friends set them up. They married in 2005 and Cherry filed for divorce in 2014. After months of paperwork, a private investigator hired by Cherry’s attorney found something unusual: Bozich had never divorced her fourth husband.

“Truth right now is stranger than fiction,” P.I. Rick Burrows said.

Burrows explained that he was searching for divorce files from Bozich’s fourth husband and couldn’t find any. Instead, Burrows found Bozich’s fourth husband, who admitted that the two had never been divorced.

Cherry said that while some people have found humor in the situation, he feels that the last nine years of his life have been wasted.

Since making the discovery, Cherry said local police have refused to arrest Bozich for bigamy. According to law officials, the statue of limitations is only one year for the crime.

According to Cherry, Bozich has continued to live in the couple's former home and has refused to let him inside, despite the fact that his name is on the title.

Sources: Fox NewsDailyMail / Photo Credit: KTVI via DailyMail


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