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Man Discovers What Happens When You Leave Condoms Untouched For 60 Years (Photos)

Reddit user dawoooo found 60-year-old condoms in his basement and shared the discovery on the social networking site on May 9.

The post quickly went viral with 5,650 points and 890 comments within 17 hours of being posted in the subreddit, r/mildlyinteresting.

The turn of the century condoms are contained in a red, black and yellow tin can that says “Improved Trojans.” Back then, condoms were called prophylactics and were given out to White military men to prevent diseases. Abstinence was mostly encouraged for African American soldiers and women, resulting in higher rates of STDs in the Black community, according to Wikipedia  

Inside the case are three tightly-packed condoms that look like black shoelaces.

One Reddit user wrote, “Those rubbers look like three pairs of new shoelaces, the way they’re packaged in the tin."

Some users have made cheeky comments about the find, while others took it more seriously.

weareintheitchylot writes: “Need to take them on Pawn Stars just so we can see what the 60 year old condom expert looks like”

StanTheBoyTaylor replies: “I'd prefer Antiques Roadshow. That way a small group of elderly, easily offended women would gather around to view the appraisal.”

After all these years, it’s no surprise that the condoms have lost their lubrication.

Redditor Kjewll_Aronsen quips: “Now that’s a dry spell…”

But even though the condoms may not prevent sexually transmitted diseases and pregnancy anymore, they’re still worth quite a bit of money. A user found that a similar vintage Trojan condom case sold for around $50 on eBay, and that doesn’t even include the condoms.

Gobbledlykook advises the original poster to: “…let it ride, might be worth quite the pretty penny someday.”

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User KlaatuBrute delves into the meaning of dawoo’s existence and poses an existential quandary:

I don't know if it's the house you live in, but just think about what you're holding.

What if they were your grandpa's? What if one day when he was on his way to his sweetie's house to take her to the sock-hop, he forgot to slide that little tin into his 501's coin pocket? Then things started getting hot and heavy in the back of his dad's Bel-Air, and he slid his little tin into his girlfriend's coin pocket while crossing his fingers and saying a prayer, hoping against hope that he could pull out in time.

Naturally, he didn't, and he knocked up his girlfriend, who became your grandma who gave birth to your mom who birthed you. All because of that little package of latex balloons you're now holding in your hand. It's like you've discovered the origin of your own existence. Heavy fucking stuff, man. I hope you're coping with it alright.

Sources: RedditeBayWikipedia / Photo credit: dawoooo/Reddit via imgur

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