Man Discovers the 'Toy Poodles' He Bought Are Actually Ferrets


A man in Argentina was shocked to find out that a pair of “toy poodles” he bought at a market were actually ferrets on steroids.

The man was from Catamarca, and bought the ferrets at a discount price. They are referred to as “Brazilian rats,” and the man was suspicious of them as they didn’t act like canines.

It was only after he took the fake dogs to the vet that he found out they were actually rodents.

The ferrets were given steroids when they were born so they grew to twice their size. They were also groomed to look extra puffy and white.

Though rumors have been circulating about the fake toy poodles, it was never confirmed until the unknown man discovered his.

The “dogs” were purchased at a market in La Salada, and since the man came forward with his discovery, many others have also.

One woman reported that she bought a ferret that was said to be a chihuahua.

La Salada market is run by migrant Bolivian workers. The market is self-contained and lies in the economic center of the Argentinian capital.

Usually toy poodles are pricey, at $1,000 in the U.S. The fake dogs cost significantly less, at $75 each.

Sources: Inquisitr,Daily Mail


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