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Portland Man Shocked To Discover Squatters In His Newly Purchased Home (Video)

A Portland, Oregon man was surprised to find out that two people were squatting in the home that he had just recently purchased, and now, he’s having a hard time getting them to leave.

Rod Nylund just closed on his new home in Northeast Portland, and last week, he received a call from a contractor he hired to do some work on the house telling him that there were two people living there.

As he quickly discovered, there was not a whole lot Nylund could do about it. He attempted to call the police but was informed that they didn’t have the legal power to remove them from the home. Prior to Nylund closing on the home, the couple reportedly changed the locks and turned utilities on, which they began paying 30 days prior to occupying the place.

“It's kind of like buying a car and you walk out to get in it and somebody's sitting in there,” said Nylund to KPTV. “These people are pretty sharp. They turned the power on 30 days prior to moving into it, and they paid the power bill while the home was vacant.”

The squatters have yet to leave the home, despite monetary offers from Nylund, and now, the new homeowner is working with his attorney to file a forcible entry and detainer action in court that will hopefully force the occupants out.

Sources: The Blaze, KPTV


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