Man Discovers Picasso Picture Concealed In Attic

A man from Kirkcaldy, Scotland, has made a surprising discovery in his attic after opening up a suitcase put there when his mother died 15 years ago.

Dominic Currie, an artist in residence at a local gallery, uncovered a work of art that might have been created by one of the 20th century’s best known artists, Pablo Picasso.

“I saw a role of cloth and thought that was the actual painting then realized there was a painting rolled up inside,” Currie told Fife Today. “My son and I slowly opened it up, and I saw a jumble of cubes and squares and thought, ‘What the hell is this?’ We had to tease it open because it had been curled up for decades.”

But the real moment of shock came when Currie spotted Picasso’s signature in the bottom right corner.

“I thought, ‘No, this can’t be,’ then we looked at each other and burst out laughing,” he recalled. “Then we started looking at it seriously and were absolutely dumbfounded. It was a bizarre, surreal moment.”

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According to Fife Today, the painting resembles Picasso’s "Portrait of Kahnweiler," produced in 1910.

Dominic’s mother, Annette, told him two years before she died that his real father was a Russian soldier named Nicolai Vladimirovich. Annette told her son that during a reunion with Nikolai, whom she met up with when she was in eastern Europe, the soldier had given her a painting to sell to help with the cost of raising a child.

“I wouldn’t have thought that my mum was knowledgeable about art,” Dominic said. “She never discussed art, as far as I know. The name Picasso wouldn’t have registered.”

Perhaps this is why Dominic was reluctant to believe his mother’s story when she told it, and when he was given the suitcase, he stored it in his attic without looking inside.

“She never threw anything out, and I just thought it would be a suitcase full of rubbish,” he said. “We had actually considered putting it to the skip.”

Currie could obtain a major financial boost if he decides to sell the work. A Picasso painting from 1955 sold at auction last month for over $180 million, Fife Today reported.

Sources: Fife Today, MadWorldNews/ photo credit: MadWorldNews


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