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Vacation Ends In Tragedy After Man Dies While Digging Sand Tunnel At NC Beach (Video)

A Fredericksburg, Virginia man vacationing on the Outer Banks of North Carolina died after being buried alive while digging a tunnel in the sand.

49-year-old David Frasier dug two six-foot holes in the sand while on the beach with his family. Frasier decided to try and connect the two holes with a tunnel, but as he climbed through and finally connected the holes, the sand around him collapsed.

Frasier was said to be buried for close to 15 minutes before emergency responders could get to him, but by that point, it was too late. A nurse who happened to be visiting the beach on Hatteras Island in Salvo, North Carolina attempted to revive Frasier, but unfortunately, he was pronounced dead on the beach.

Cyndy Holda, spokeswoman for the National Park Service, says that it’s been a decade since someone has suffocated from collapsed sand and warns of the danger that digging a hole more than a few feet could bring.

“It is rare,” said Holda, according to the Daily Mail. “It's probably too deep to be safe if you are using a shovel.”

Lifeguards apparently prohibit anybody from digging holes more than three feet deep, so it’s not clear how Frasier was able to dig two six-foot holes in the first place.

Sources: Daily Mail, Fox 8, WTKR


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