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Man Dies After Two Teens Assault Him To "See Who Could Hit Harder"

Police in Baton Rouge, Louisiana say they’ve arrested two teens that are accused of killing a 55-year-old man earlier this month in a random.

The two teens, 19-year-old Windall Lavel Herring and an unidentified 15-year-old assailant, attacked the victim, John Bannon, as part of what police think was an attempted robbery. Police say that the two teens decided to see which one of them could hit harder, and when Bannon fell to the ground after being hit, he hit his head on the concrete and suffered a brain hemorrhage. The attack happened on February 1, and Bannon died of his injuries last Friday.

“You just want to know why, why him,” said Bannon’s sister Susan Smith. “Why him, of all people, (who) didn’t bother anybody.”

Both teens were originally wanted for second-degree battery, but since Bannon died and they’ve been arrested, their charges were changed to second-degree murder.

Despite speculation for the teen’s motives, police say they have not officially determined a reason why the teens would attack Bannon.


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