Man Dies After Sand Tunnel He Digs Collapses on Him


A young man died Monday after he dug a hole in the sand on a Northern California beach and was then trapped when it collapsed upon him.

Adam Pye, 26, of San Lorenzo, California, reportedly dug a 10-foot-deep hole at Francis State Beach in the early evening and stood in the hole until it began caving in on him, reports ABC News. About 30 people, including Pye’s friends and strangers, dug with their hands and buckets to try and remove the sand from the young man, but it took about five minutes to free his head, and by that time, he was reportedly unconscious.

Witness William Sylvia described the scene to NBCBayArea, saying the diggers included “people with just buckets, with just their hands. I mean whatever they can do – never seen a group of people work so hard.”

Paramedics attempted to open the man’s airways, and 30 firefighters reportedly used shovels to clear the sand from Pye’s body, reports the Daily Mail. It took 35 minutes to remove him from the sand pile. He died at the scene.

Pye’s mother, Debbie, told SFGate: “I know this will sound typical coming from his mom, but he really was the perfect child. He never had so much as a parking ticket. He took care of everyone including us. He was always helping people; it was just his way.”

Sources: ABC News, NBCBayArea, Daily Mail, SFGate


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