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Man Dies After Being Tased by Phoenix Police (Video)

A bizarre restaurant incident ended with an unidentified man being tased by Phoenix police and dying on Sunday night.

According to Phoenix police spokesman Officer James Holmes, the man barricaded himself inside a restaurant bathroom, turned on the bathroom water and flooded the floor (video below).

The man allegedly exited the bathroom, grabbed a "wet floor" sign and tried to get behind the counter area, notes KPHO.

An unidentified employee armed with a knife told the man to stay back.

A Phoenix police officer arrived and drew his taser. The man got down on his knees, but didn't obey other commands by the officer.

After a police sergeant arrived, both cops tried to take the man into custody, but he allegedly fought them.

Both officers used their tasers on the man who reportedly continued to resist arrest.

More police officers arrived and helped the two officers subdue the man who soon went into physical distress, noted My Fox Phoenix.

The Phoenix Fire Department took the man to a local hospital where he died.

Courthouse News reports the family of the tased man has filed a complaint against the four police officers for hogtying, choking and tasering him for 53 seconds.

The family also filed a complaint against the city of Phoenix and Taser International.

Sources: KPHO, My Fox Phoenix, Courthouse News


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