The proud father of a Marine received a death threat to his son recently after a passerby read the father's "Proud parent of a U.S. Marine" bumper sticker.

Florida man Lewis Alexander is currently supporting his son, who is serving as a Marine overseas.

“He wanted to make a difference in the world, and this was his choice,” said Tami Alexander, the boy’s mother.

Lewis was in disbelief April 8 when he found an obscene note directed at his son. The note read: “F--- you and your son. I hope he dies.”

Lewis said he got in the car, looked at the note again and realized whoever had written it was truly “evil.” Lewis said he was so upset by the note that it brought him and his wife to tears. He reported it to the Volusia County Sheriff’s Office, Fox News reported.

“My son’s serving to protect that person’s right to do that, and it really hit me,” Lewis said.

Although the Sheriff’s Office noted that no crime was actually committed, they did post the note to their Facebook page to condemn the note writer. They also used the post to thank everyone serving the country.

Lewis said that if he could leave a message on the note writer’s car, it would probably read “God Bless you.” Lewis said that his son would probably tell him to simply let it go. He added that anyone who mocks a man or woman in service is mocking American citizens and patriots, according to WNCN.

Sources: WNCN, Fox News / Photo credit: Fox News

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