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Man Detained For Ramming SUV And Assaulting His Daughter's Boyfriend

A 42-year-old Hamilton County, Ohio, man has been jailed and charged with two counts of felonious assault.

Kevin McFadden rammed his pickup truck into an SUV Saturday. The SUV was being driven by his daughter’s boyfriend, Tyler Whalen, and it crashed as a result.

Whalen and McFadden’s daughter, Kaitlyn, who was also in the car at the time, were injured.

Kaitlyn’s child was also in the SUV but was unharmed, according to Daily Mail.

“He came out of the truck first, hit the SUV with a tire iron,” a caller to 911 said of McFadden, Fox 19 reported.

Another witness described the altercation between McFadden and Whalen.

“He jumped out of the truck,” the caller said. "The other guy jumped out of the truck. They had words at the red light. They started arguing again. He got back in his truck and just rammed him, hit the guy in the leg."

Whalen suffered a knee injury in the impact. Police officers said Kaitlyn had physical injuries, but no more details were provided.

“He just hit him on purpose,” another witness told 911 dispatchers, according to Daily Mail. “Oh my God, it's a full-on fight going on in the yard - in the street.”

McFadden told investigators that Whalen had attacked his wife at their home just a few days before the incident, which he claimed was retaliation.

Authorities did not provide any further details on the incident, which occurred on Colerain Avenue in Colerain Township. 

According to WLWT, a restraining order against Whalen was filed by McFadden's wife in 2012.

After McFadden appeared in court Monday, a judge ordered he be held on $25,000 bail.

Sources: WLWT, Fox 19, Daily Mail / Photo credit: WLWT


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