Man Denied Fifth Amendment While In Court Wearing Anti-Police Shirt, Still Won His Case (Video)


A man in Broward County, Florida, decided to wear a "F**k the police" shirt to his court hearing. Amazingly, he reportedly managed to win his case despite that fashion choice.

Michael Burns says in his video description on LiveLeak that he witnessed around 10 people being kicked off of public property around 1:30 a.m. last week and decided to break out his camera to record it. An officer told Burns to stop filming and leave, and he refused. Eventually, when the situation seemed to die down, he decided to leave on his own. As he was pulling away from the area, one of the cops got in his vehicle and started to follow him. Right as he was turning around to go home, the cop put his lights on, and to Burns’ surprise, it was the same officer who had asked him to leave earlier.

A short time later, six more police cars showed up as Burns was informed that he was being pulled over because his license plate was partially obstructed. Burns believes, however, that he was pulled over because the officer was angry that he refused to stop filming the earlier incident. Burns says he refused to answer any of the officer’s questions and told him that he would see him in court.

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On court day, Burns decided to wear his “F**k the Police” shirt, and when he told the judge that he wished to invoke his Fifth Amendment right to remain silent, the judge denied his request. Still, as Burns notes, he won the case against the multiple officers in the room.

Take a look at the courtroom video below.

Sources: The Free Thought Project, Live Leak


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