Man Denied Bond Reduction After Killing Wife, Three Dogs And Parrot


An investigator has testified in the case against Robin Penton, a Huntsville, Alabama man who was arrested in March and charged with the murder of his wife, Colleen.

According to WFLA, the investigator reported that Penton’s brother had initially called 911 after Penton had told him that he had killed his wife and was going to kill himself. After arriving at the scene, the investigator reported finding a trail of blood leading from the garage to a bathroom, where police found both Robert and Colleen Penton. The former Penton had placed flowers and an angel figurine next to the latter’s body, which had been shot three times in the head and had a fractured skull. Robert Penton, who had allegedly ingested hydrocodone in an attempt to kill himself, was subsequently rushed to the hospital. He ultimately survived, and has been arrested for his connection to the attack. 

Penton’s suicide note also included his admission of guilt in his wife’s murder, as well as the slaughter of three dogs and a parrot inside the house. In the note, Penton claimed that he shot the dogs because his wife did not train them and he shot his wife and the parrot because they "talked too much."

According to the Daily Mail, a judge denied Penton’s request to have his bond lowered from $500,000, citing a risk that the man would kill again. 


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