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Man Demands Visitation Rights to Child he Fathered Through Rape of 14-Year-Old Girl

A man who got a teen girl pregnant after raping her is now demanding visitation rights for the child, according to the Daily Mail.

The mother of the child was 14 when the rape occurred and the man was 20. He met the girl at a church when she was in junior high, then had sex with her.

After the girl's mother found out about the incident, she reported it to police.

By the time the rape was reported, the girl was already pregnant. She and her mother decided to keep the baby as the mother believed it to be "innocent."

In 2009, the man pleaded guilty to four accounts of statutory rape.

The victim's mother explained to Fox 25 that the man is seeking to have contact with the now 3-year-old baby.

The victim said the man had threatened to destroy her life.

"He told me that he could make my life upside down, and I wouldn't have anybody and he would pin it all on me. So I was scared," she said about the rape.

Norfolk Superior Court Judge Thomas McGuire sentenced the unidentified rapist to 16 years probation after prosecutors attempted to have him jailed for 3 to 5 years.

The probation arrangement clearly indicates that he must acknowledge he is the father of the baby and follow probate and family court rules.

That means he must pay child support, but along with child support comes possible visitation rights.

After learning he could potentially have visitation rights, the man is now asking for them. The victim says he had never cared about seeing the toddler until now.

The teenage mother has asked the Superior Court judge to amend the sentencing conditions, asking the rapist to pay "restitution" rather than child support so he would not have access to the child through family court.

She also wants the man to stay away from her and the child.

The victim's attorney, Wendy Murphy, was shocked that the court had given him a punishment that involves potential parental rights. Murphy said allowing the man access to family courts means he could influence the child's upbringing.

Murphy also teaches classes on sexual violence at New England Law-Boston.

"This family has been very clear from the beginning that they want nothing to do with this guy," Murphy said. "What legal system requires a toddler to have a relationship with the man who raped her mother?"


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